We are delighted to say that the Lakderana Tuk Tuk Polo Tournament 2016 in Galle was a huge success! Watch this space for photos and videos of this year's event. In the mean time, check out the press that the tournament has been getting. We are so grateful for the positive feedback and support that we have received from everyone who attended - fingers crossed this great game becomes a new national sport for Sri Lanka! 

As ever, the biggest thank you must go to our sponsors, Lakderana Investments, who made this whole event possible. Thank you also to all the drivers and players, all of whom put a great fight, with excellent (and sometimes hair-raising) play throughout the entire tournament. And, finally...congratulations to this year's winning team Cantaloupe and to the runners up Komorebi!

Here's to next year!


lakderana Tuk tuk polo tournament 2016

Saturday february 20-21 




Friday 19th february

5pm: Captains Meeting

6pm Till Late: Welcome cocktails & meet at the Sun House, Galle

7:30pm: Handicapping


Saturday 20th FEBRUARY


9:30 am: Teams Arrive
10 am: Game 1 - Akuressa vs Galle Face 
10:45 am: Game 2 - Cantaloupe vs Galle
11:30 am: Game 3 - Taprobane vs Kalutara
12:15 pm: Game 4 - Komorebi vs Akuressa
1:00 pm: Game 5 - Matara vs Galle Face

----- LUNCH BREAK -----

2:15 pm: Game 6 - Cantaloupe vs Taprobane

3:00 pm: Game 7 - Galle vs Kalutara
3:45 pm: Game 8 - Komorebi vs Galle Face
4:30 pm: Game 9 - Matara vs Akuressa
5:15 pm: Game 10 - Kalutara vs Taprobane

8pm: Official Players Dinner - Invite Only (players only)


Sunday 21st FEBRUARY

9:30 am: Teams Arrive

10:00 am: Cantaloupe vs Galle
10:45 am: Matara vs Komorebi


11:30 am: Group 1 3rd Place vs Group 2 4th Place (Plate Semis)
12:15 pm: Group 1 4th Place vs Group 2 3rd Place (Plate Semis)
1:00 pm: Group 1 1st Place vs Group 2 2nd Place (Cup Semis)

----- LUNCH BREAK -----

2:00 pm: Group 1 2nd Place vs Group 2 1st Place (Cup Semis)
2:45 pm: PLATE FINALS 
3:30 pm: CUP FINALS 

4:30 pm: Awards & Final Words

5 pm Onwards: Music & Goodbyes